Who are the Wees?

As in all epic dramas, comedies and romances a cast of characters is involved. In the Whimsies of the Wee the cast is my sometimes exhausting, always loving and incessantly entertaining family.


My knight in shining armor and patient spouse of 10 years leads our band of wee ones. A supply/inventory analyst for a large corporation his amazing out-of-the box thinking and mostly-level head gets me out of lots of scraps, with as few bruises as possible. Possessing a quirky sense of humor and untold stores of patience when dealing with my antics, Dad is most definitely the shepherd who herds our wacky flock.


That's me. I've always enjoyed writing (espececially satire) as a form of stress relief and self expression. As I normally spent inordinate amounts of time relating the escapades of my offspring to our friends and family who thanks to our military heritage are spread throughout the world, I decided (for once) to do the easy thing and start the "Whimsies of the Wee" to consolidate my efforts, and save a bit of time - a precious commodity the wees like to jealously guard and hoard.


Dad and I have four "wees" as in wee ones. As the dictionary defines "wee" as both something which is small or something which only lasts a short while, I figured the chornicling of our attempts to to make as delightful as possible the incredibly short phase which is childhood to four smaller beings of various younger ages was aptly described by the blog's title "Whimsies of the Wee."

Wee 1
Victoria (aka: Number 1)

Our eldest daughter, almost 8, was aptly picked by divine grace to be the leader of our merry brood. Though she can at times use her birth right to rule with an iron fist (as in the Halloween Candy negotiations of 2009,) she is just as likely to dispense compassionate justice, almost always siding with the underdog in demanding proper toy time allocation and defending fellow Wees from unjust Parental condemnation. Marked by her almost superWee academic talents, she is an analytical thinker who fearlessly points out the shortcomings in the great schemes concocted by the Parents.

Wee 2
Bella (aka: The Butterfly)

The second in line to claim all that middle class America has to offer in this mind numbing recession, is Bella, aged 5 years. Possessing the keen ability to changes subjects, outfits, and favorite colors faster than she can say her own name, Bella has fervently desires to enjoy all life has to offer, in the same moment if at all possible.  Known for her amazing ability to make anybody feel like her best friend, Bella possesses an endless bounty of hugs which she uses as an arsenal to win over frustrated Parents, authority figures and other Wees.  Blessed with a heart melting smile, complete with dimple, this Wee is beautiful inside, outside, and around the bend.

Wee  3
Maddie (aka: The Dictator)

Currently raising the art of being terrible and two to death defying heights is our almost-three-year-old, and third daughter Maddie. Having transformed from the world's sweetest baby to a fearless agitator of conflict amongst fellow Wees, Maddie has been known to make her Parents cry out in frustration.  Her unique way of looking at the world and dead pan stating of the obvious to somewhat desensitized Parents and other Wees is unbelievably endearing and can in large part be claimed as the reason for her continued inclusion in the family.  (Though at times, if we are to be completely honest - outsourcing has been considered to fill this Wee slot).

Wee Number 4
Reid (aka: The heir with the hair)

The newest Wee refuses to be belittled by his young age. At a mere three months, the only male Wee weighs in at a hefty 20 lbs. Not wanting to be known only for his grin invoking girth, Reid sports a stunning combination of sideburns and faux hawk, known to make the bald and thinning weep for happier days. An infantile manipulator, his first attempts at extortion have taken the form of irresistible fits of adorable cooing, Reid is of yet an unknown quantity to his fellow Wees. (As the only possessor of a "Y" chromosome in his generation on both sides of the Weedom he is viewed by parents and grandparents alike as a welcome oddity)