Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bella on Bathing

After lunch today Bella choose to use some of her free time to watch PBS kids. When the thrill of Arthur and Word Girl had worn off she came in search of me. It always makes me feel a bit bad, because Wee 2 always looks simply delighted to see me, while some of the time when I see her (say when I am trying to use the restroom, or finish a delicate task) I'm thinking - crud free time is up.

As is her custom however, Bella flashed her 100 watt smile and gave me a big squeeze. These hugs normally last quite a while, and only end when I manage to extricate myself with a slippery kung-fu move or I employ outside assistance like the jaws of life. This morming however, Bella's hug was a case of immediate catch and release. I am not sure, but the hug may have been more like a flinch that involved two people.

Stunned I asked Bella what the matter was. She scrunched up her nose at me and said "Mommy your're stinky."

Now no one likes to hear that kind of talk, but before telling Bella that it was rude to be mean I reflected on why I might be stinky.

The following inner monologue took place:

1. When did I take my last shower - hmmm can't remember.

2. Maybe its my clothing? Well my left and right shoulders are covered in spit up - and I don't quite know what is on my sleeve. It also smells a bit iffy.

3. Did I put on deodorant today? Possibly, but highly unlikely as I have yet to actually have my arms baby free for a moment to do so.

4. Did I brush my teeth today? (enter running tongue over teeth here) Definitely not - teeth sweaters are in full swing.

I decided the appropriate response was the truth: "Yup, Bella mommy is definitely stinky."

Bella's reply "How come you get to be stinky, but we have to take a shower everyday?"

Mommy's reply, "Well, getting a daily shower is kinda like talking to unicorns and fairies, it is a heck of a lot easier to do when you are little."

Wee 2 digested that for a moment and because my answer included fairies and unicorns it came across as highly likely and favorable.

Later in the day when Wee 3 and Wee 4 fell asleep at the same time, an occurrence much like a BOGO on Ghirardelli chocolate or Date Night - something which occurs rarely but must be savored when it happens, I took the luxury of taking a bath. Because I was so keen on getting in the bath without anyone waking up I used the girl's bath room which didn't contain any Parent owned product.

When Bella later walked in on me in the tub to make sure I was still her mom and still in the house she noticed my using the baby's night time baby bath for soap. Her eyes lit up and she said "Mom, that cures crabbiness - Aunt Lisa said so - You should always use that kind of soap!"

Moral of the story number 1: Get a good lock on your bath room door and an intercom system installed so you can communicate with the kids while in the tub if you have to.

Moral of the story number 2: If you actually get to see a unicorn or do something equally exceptional (say take a bath in the middle of the day) just let the unknowing comments of your Wees roll of your bubbled back.

A wee bit sweeter smelling,



  1. Okay. You had me rolling over here. I love Wee2 and you.

  2. That was just a fun read, CarrieAnne! It put me back to the day I had four children under the age of four! I was a zombie I think.


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