Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maddie on Cannibalism

I am not sure if it is because of the rise in popularity of Twilight and other vampire inspired pop culture media, but Wee 3 has developed a distinctive taste for human flesh in the last few months. It is okay to be horrified, I too judged the parents of BITERS, before I had one. Relish in your superiority - it does not offend me at all.

Now Maddie, doesn't carve a hunk off a human every day, but on occasion when she feels the need to demonstrate her power (or lack their of) in the ranking of the Wees she seeks out a victim. Her meal of choice tonight was Bella (aka Wee 2).

Following the crime, I sat Wee 3 down and tried to explain the evils of biting to her. I also wanted to get to the bottom of her motivation for this heinous toddler behavior. The conversation went like this.

"Maddie, why would you bite your sisters. You love them and biting hurts. We don't bite people. We bite food. Were you hungry or were you trying to express that you were mad?"

Afraid I was about to force another serving of vegetables on her Maddie quickly replied "I not hungry. Sisters are not for dinner!"

Seeing my magic opening I replied: "That's right sisters are not for dinner. We don't bite sisters. Why don't we bite them?"

Maddie's reply "They don't taste good."

Obviously I would like some higher moral code to be the reason for her biting to stop, but I will take what I can get.

Hungering for a wee less biting,



  1. I don't know what a psychologist would say to this but one of the twins kept biting the other one and no amount of talk would suffice. I finally bit the erring toddler myself and he understood and never bit anyone ever again. This was back in the time of ancient Rome and the Gladiator came out in me I'm afraid. Loved Maddie's funny reply though and she is right since I have first hand experience!

  2. Mom cured my biting by biting me back. She tried everything else first and nothing worked. I don't think she planned on biting me, it was a last resort.

  3. Sister's are not dinner reminds me of the shark's motto in Finding Nemo "Fish are friends, not food" maybe she needs some group meetings...

  4. I love it! Being a mom of a "biter" myself...!


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