Monday, January 10, 2011

Perspectives on Snow Days

As I looked out my window in Northern Georgia today I could hardly believe it. We had experienced record snows over night and a sharp drop in the temperature. The governor had closed major roads, large corporations were telling employees not to come in and yes you guessed it.... school was closed. How you feel about school closings really depends on who you are in Weeland so I thought I would share the Mom versus the Wee perspective on the topic.

The Wee Perspective

What's that - did mom just say no school tomorrow? Victory is ours!!! There is a divine power and he loves us, he really loves us. Lets get crazy with excitement and be impossible to put to bed. Yes, I am wearing underwear on my head and I don't know why. All I have to say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

Sometime the following morning.

Aaahhh - its light outside I missed the bus, no wait a minute - look at all that snow - that's right there is no school today. It is really quiet in the house right now. I can't have that - let me go wake up all my other siblings who are taking this opportunity to sleep in. My mom will sure appreciate that and while she's up she can make my breakfast too. She has all this extra time this morning, so I will be expecting a super fancy breakfast - no pawning cereal and milk on me today.

After breakfast.

Now that was a great breakfast of omelets, bacon, and quiche. What to do next - Cartoons!!! Lots and lots of cartoons. What was mom mumbling about helping around the house? Silly mom, snow days are days off for us! Cartoons are finished lets head out in the snow. What we have to wear gloves and hats and boots - all that stuff is for sissies! Look at all that snow, snow is awesome. I want to roll around in it, throw it, stack it and build a fort in it. How do we live on a daily basis without snow.

After Snow Play is Over

I'll just drop my wet, snow filled clothes here and go in and demand hot chocolate. And now for my favorite activity. I like to call it "Get mom to entertain me." "Mom, I am bored, I am bored, I am bored, I am bored" (repeat this mantra until mom comes up with something ultra fun or kicks me out of the kitchen).

Lying in Bed that Night

This was the best day ever!!! Snow days are amazing. They should legalize snow days and require schools to have them once a week. I can't believe I have to go to school tomorrow that stinks.

Mom's Perspective

Did the news anchor just say no school tomorrow? That can't be possible, there is not a flake on the ground yet. Change the channel - channel 2 is never reliable they reported a crocodile eating squirrel as news last week. Oh, crud Fox News just reported the same thing. OK, I need to gird my loins up for the unplanned extended weekend. Perhaps this is some kind of divine trial - to test whether or not I really am a good mom. Time to tell the kids - why are they running around doing a celebratory dance with underwear on their heads. I am never going to get them to sleep tonight. Heaven help me all I can do is cry on my knees with my hands stretched towards heaven - Why is there NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCHOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

Sometime the following morning.

What is all that noise. They don't have to go to school today. It is actually 10 minutes before they normally wake up. The only redeeming quality of this snow day was the chance to sleep in. You want me to make what for breakfast? "No, you see honey they showed that recipe on Top Chef for a reason - they are Top Chefs." - Me I am a classically trained historian who is pretending to love cooking for a family of 6 every day.

After breakfast

Wow, I got to cook a fancy breakfast and do all the dishes by myself. These Wees really know how to treat a girl. Oh, well this is a great opportunity to get them to tidy up their rooms and finish de-Christmassing the house with me. Where did they go? How do they vanish like that at the slightest mention of work?

What's that, the cartoons are calling your name - of course they are. No, me - I'm good I can bounce this baby on my hip, take down a Christmas tree and write a grocery list with a pen held between my teeth. Me, I'm good - please don't let Scooby Doo wait another minute for your attention. Wouldn't want his ratings to go down.

You want to go play outside in your bathing suit and bath robe - nope not going to happen. Yes, you have to wear the snow suit, the boots, the gloves, the hat and the bullet proof bubble. Okay, no bullet proof bubble, but the gloves ARE NOT optional. You are kidding me, you have to pee? You didn't have to pee 5 minutes ago during the bullet proof bubble negotiations - unbelievable.

Look at those kids going crazy in the snow. They are nuts! It is freezing out there and they are like rabid wolves on the hunt of some poor lonely caribou. Oh no, she just head dived into that snow bank - wait she came up happy and smiling - that must be some kind of snow fort? I am too old for snow play. Better get the hot chocolate ready - a polar bear couldn't hang out there for too long.

After Snow Play is Over

You did not just drop that wet, muddy snow filled snow suit on my carpet. You did not just do that. You are pruny and your wrinkled skin is actually frozen solid in this shape. Didn't you hear me say "Come in when your hands get cold?"

"I am sorry that you are bored, I am sorry that you are bored, I am sorry that you are bored ... GO somewhere, anywhere and play/read/enjoy one of the 999 million Christmas presents your Grandparents just gave you - Just GO!!!"

Lying in Bed that Night

I can not believe there are even snow days in the South - isn't this why I left Michigan to begin with. I am calling my Congressman, these things should be illegal. How do they not qualify this as cruel and unusual punishment. I am so relieved there is school tomorrow - tomorrow is another day.

And that is pretty much exactly how today went.

What's that the DJ just announced ... no school tomorrow either. Wees are triumphantly whopping and my mind is internally doing a whole lot of hollering.

A wee bit snowed in,



  1. Oh my goodness - I felt a little bit bad..but I couldn't help myself from laughing at how you've captured this so perfectly...oh dear!

    ..Excuse me while I try not to chuckle and wish for you lots of sunshine and rain!

  2. sorry you're snowed it that stinks! I love the two different perspectives there I think you got them exactly right! I love your blog.

  3. lol Love it! From a former teacher's perspective I'm totally with the Wee perspective! Now as a homeschooling mom it doesn't make any difference what so ever. If that's not a bummer I don't know what is! :)


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